Why collect loans?

Collecting their loans is something most people have heard of at some time, but it is also something that not everyone understands and therefore chooses not to. That’s why we thought at Lotnicy that it might be a good idea to shed some light on the various benefits of collecting their loans to help you get a better home economy.


Drawing on a number of loans

money loans

It is something everyone is doing nowadays as they invest in the necessities of life such as a house, a car, the new TV and so on. What many people do not think about after the loans have been taken and started to pay off are the high interest rates, the management fees and the setup fees that come with many individual loans and that inflate the costs properly.

Because of this, many banks were early on with the business idea that not only benefited them but also the customer, that is, to solve people’s expensive loans by collecting them. What it means exactly is that you take out a new loan that covers the cost of everyone’s previous loans, pays them off and then only pays one loan instead.


Average interest rates

Average interest rates

An average interest rate of 4% and also pays unnecessary monthly fees. Instead, she can collect her loans at virtually any bank and receive a better offer. For example, Best Bank could collect Astro ‘s loan by giving her a loan of USD 2,150,000 at an interest rate of 2.5% since both she and Astro earn on it.

So if it starts to get scarce every month due to expensive loans and high credits, then you should not raise your credit but instead collect the loans. Reduced interest rates are just one of many benefits;

  • You lower the risk of payment remarks because you only get one loan to keep track of.
  • You save money through fewer payment pools, which also makes it easier to set up direct debit payments.
  • It is also possible to extend the term of the loan by up to 12 years in some cases.

So if you have not started this, we strongly recommend that you take it to improve your personal finances and potentially save thousands of dollars each month.

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