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Without any doubt, appearing in a delinquency file means facing several problems. It automatically denies purchases in installments, credit applications, mortgages and other types of financing. Even getting a telephone line or contracting supplies with telephone or electric service companies is difficult in this case. If you are autonomous, the problems increase. Therefore, all the people registered in the delinquency lists look for a solution to get out of these files …

Nobody can cancel your debts

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Remember, if someone offers to take you out of a delinquency file without having to settle the outstanding debt, it is always a scam. No financial institution can provide you with the payment of active debts. It is too frequent that kind of fraud that is to provide false solutions for customers enrolled in the lists of defaulters. Scam companies look for profiles of people who have limited access to financing. It is easier to deceive people seeking online loans with ASNEF, since these people have an urgent need to get liquidity, without orienting themselves well in the financial market.

How can you get out of the files?

If a company with which you have a debt has enrolled you in a file, it should inform you by mail that you registered on the list. You can also find this information on the Equifax web pages. By filling in the information required in the form, you will obtain the credit information contained in the requested file. Once you have checked that figures on a delinquency list, in general, you have the following options:

  • The best solution to stop appearing in the file is to pay the debt to the company that claims payment of the debt. Once the payment is made, the company must communicate the payment to the file and extract your data. This is the most recommended way.
  • Check if the data is entered correctly. Any error in the registration, whether large or minimal, can be used in your favor to stop belonging to the file. If you find something wrong, do not hesitate and make a formal complaint against the registration process.
  • The last option is to wait for the expiration of the inscription in the file. The expiration is carried out within a period of 6 years from the inclusion of your data. Then they have to remove you from the list and they can not include you for the same debt.

Where to turn if you need financing?

Where to turn if you need financing?

Even if you are registered in a delinquency file, there are options to obtain financing. However, you will have to meet certain requirements and you will face several less favorable conditions and limitations.

Mini-loans with ASNEF

If you need a small amount urgently, you can request a loan with ! It is a financial product that offers small amounts of up to 300 euros in a matter of minutes. As a guarantee, you will need a proof of regular income. The delinquency files do not matter, as long as the insured debts do not exceed a maximum amount established by the lender and do not come from defaults to financial entities.

Large loans with collateral

If you need a higher amount, you should consult the offers of personal loans with a guarantee. With these financial products, you can get a high amount, even if you are included in ASNEF. Depending on the amount requested, you must demonstrate adequate, regular and sufficient income or deliver a good of value to guarantee the return of the loan. The most common guarantees are car warranty or mortgage guarantee.

Before requesting this type of financing, remember that the loans and credits available to people registered in the delinquency files carry both disadvantages and risk of over-indebtedness or loss of your assets pledged as collateral.